Thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Natural Health Room.

The making of this Blog has taken almost a lifetime to produce. Lets just say it’s culminated from decades of study, personal experiences, as well as countless stories from family and friends dealing with their health issues.

My goal for this blog is quite simple. Help You find a more natural approach to good health. And to try to quickly guide you to the information and experts you need, saving you hours, days, or even months.

I find most people have a hard time sifting through the huge amounts of information about health and become frustrated as to “who to believe” and “what to believe”. Depending on the particular health issue, it can end up being a full time job sorting through the data. And then there is the learning curve to take medical terms and translate them in a way that most people can understand.

Unfortunately, because of my wife’s serious health issues for 25 years, plus my own problems had forced us to take on this full time job of researching across the globe for promising answers.

You obviously have found this site looking for help for yourself, a loved one or friend. My guess is that if you have been researching for long, you have become frustrated with conflicting ideas of how to approach your illness. And then there is the medical system that we get caught up in, adding to the frustration.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • When at your doctor’s visit do you Feel Like You Are Not Being Listened to?
  • Does your doctor seem to rush and not explain things easy enough to understand?
  • Are You Unsure of what Supplements to take?
  • Is Your Doctor against ALL vitamins or herbal medicine?
  • Or when you asked your Doctor about supplements or alternatives they change the subject.
  • Would you like to know where you can find quality products and save money?


We know what it is like feeling you are not being listened to. Empower yourself and take control of your health. If you don’t… no one else will!

Find a path YOU feel comfortable with.

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