You Need to Learn About This Incredible Therapy

EDTA Chelation Therapy which has been around for decades could potentially be a life saving treatment for some people with extremely serious health conditions.  For many others, Chelation can greatly improve symptoms related to your heart, arteries, and immune system.


I greatly support the use of Chelation Therapy having had more than 65 treatments myself over the years.  You might have read in a previous article that  I really want to help others find a more natural approach to good health, and speed up the process of finding good information.

You will also hear of success stories that come from my family, friends, and fellow patients that I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss their journey trying to improve their health.

I will make my case that this is a safe therapy (when used by a Certified Doctor in Chelation) which has been proved by well over a million treatments worldwide, with good results.

I really believe more people need to learn about Chelation Therapy as I feel it could have a huge impact on their health and well being BOB REYNOLDS

What I also need to point out to you, is that when you do your own research into this treatment, you will definitely find some totally negative reviews and opinions.  I’m all for debunking snake oil treatments and con artists, but because of my knowledge and experience with Chelation, I can easily see through these nay-sayers approach to turn people away from something that could really help.

I must point out how this controversy has evolved from the one evil thing in this world…MONEY.  It’s becoming more and more common that some people just don’t care about others and the main goal is to profit at whatever costs.  When their “fix” to your health condition is in THEIR BENEFIT, then all the other treatments are pure garbage.  It’s sad that we have come to this.

You will learn in this article:


  • The history and politics behind Chelation Therapy
  • How safe is this treatment
  • Who could benefit from using this proceedure
  • Where to find doctors certified in the therapy
  • Case studies
Hopefully You Will Have a TV to Pass the Time

My Personal Story With Chelation

I thought it was important to give a little background on my discovery and then use of Chelation, as I feel many of you are probably going through much of the frustration I have when dealing with serious health issues and could benefit from my journey.

You might also want to know that I don’t buy into quick fixes, snake oil products, or fads.  If I’m guilty of one thing is that I research a product to death, especially those I’m going to put in my body.  Or in the case of say “the best TV”, by the time I’m finished looking at all the reviews, the TV is usually obsolete!  But I digress.

About 25 years ago my family (including my dog) became ill which at the time did not seem connected because each of us had different problems.  For me I developed Atrial Fibrillation, foggy thinking and occasional slurred speech and just didn’t feel well.

The VERY SHORT version of a VERY LONG STORY, I uncovered that my family had unexpectedly been exposed to contaminated well water.  After going to many Doctors and Specialist, with little to no help, I began my extensive research into what the heck was happening.

Coincidence or Fate

Sometimes it’s amazing how we meet people when you least expect it, that can change our lives.  This is no exception.

From extensive research into all of my family’s symptoms there seemed to be an indication that maybe chemicals were the blame – namely lead, cadmium, mercury, and such.  So how to you prove this?

At the same time, that I was trying desperately trying to find answers, I read about a seminar being offered by 2 local Physicians.  The topic of the day was Chelation Therapy.  And better yet, the guest speaker was none other than the person that LITERALLY wrote the book on Chelation!

Her name is Arline Brecher, a medical writer and co-author of the first edition of “Bypassing Bypass” plus her wonderfully easy to read “Forty Something Forever”.  I can’t recommend these two books enough, especially if you are considering Chelation and want to know about the hidden research, studies and success stories.  Of course, she also points out the politics and controversy’s, plus how safe this treatment is when administered properly.

I really appreciated her time she devoted to a nice one-on-one conversation at the end of her lecture to help guide me though the process of helping my family and myself.  I’m am surely grateful for this opportunity to meet her, and YES it DID change my life.

What is EDTA Chelation Therapy

Chelation is a process where EDTA, a protein-related amino acid (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid), is given to a person via intravenous infusion (IV) where it then binds to toxic heavy metals and then is excreted from the body mainly from urine.

Its also binds to certain minerals, namely calcium, which can benefit those with atherosclerosis.  By removing these excess deposits, results of improved circulation have been observed.

How is Chelation Therapy Administered?

As I mentioned above, the process involves what is usually a 3-hour IV infusion (allow 4 hours total time for getting hooked up and disconnected).  The 3 hours is the recommended and approved method of not only safely administrating EDTA, but also ensuring that you are getting full effects of this process.

Your Doctor will use a calculation to determine how much EDTA is used per treatment depending on your weight and medical history.  Usually on top of the EDTA you will sometimes get a dose of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and other ingredients as they see fit, plus guide you as to what other supplements you could take that are good for your heart.

The nicer facilities have a complete setup for Chelation, with Lazy-Boy chairs to make your experience as comfortable as possible.  Plus, you might also be lucky enough to have a TV to help pass the time.

Unless you just want to relax, remember to bring a good book or iPad especially if there aren’t many other people being treated on that day to talk to.  Once you get over the initial anxiety as to “what the hell am I doing” …it quickly becomes routine, and quite frankly…boring.

My First Day of Chelation

When I attended my first Chelation, it was a bit like a Sci-Fi Movie with all these people hooked up but not in a hospital!  But they all seemed relaxed and just passing the time which made me relax a little more.  At the end of the treatment I thought there really isn’t much too it.

One story early on was quite funny.  I had to talk to my Doctor about something and when he opened the door to his office…there he was…hooked up to an IV doing his paperwork.  After the initial shock I thought to myself, “he is really  practicing what he preached.”

Your Doctor or Nurse Will Get Things Started
Chelation Therapy IV drip being hooked up

What Else To Expect at Chelation?

On the medical side, someone usually a nurse, will occasionally check your blood pressure and see how you are doing.

One the non-medical side, and if you are lucky as I was with my first Doctor, they might have bananas and homemade organic bread to snack on.  This was a nice treat but was also intended for those who forgot to eat before coming.  For some people, your blood pressure will drop a bit, and a few carbs…yes even for those of us on a diet…are a “good thing”.  Many other facilities offer free coffee, tea, or water.

My doctor also had a very nice library of both medical books and fun stuff to read.  Being who I am, I choose his medical books, especially the in-depth books on Chelation and the Immune System.

And hopefully your Doctor’s practice with have many people being treated at the same time.  What’s good is that you can really learn a lot about other people’s journeys with their health and hear just how effective Chelation is for them.  Of course, your Holistic Doctor might also be treating them with other therapies, and you can learn more about those too.

Also remember that Chelation doesn’t fix all that ails you.  You still need a good diet, don’t smoke, exercise, and of course look in the possibility that you might be lacking in certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Anti-aging Effect

There are certainly more overall benefits including a definite anti-aging effect.  This I saw with my own eyes, with my own mother, and other people that had tried this powerful procedure.  And because this is probably a very popular result most people are looking for, I thought I’d include my two cents here.

As far as my mother, I FINALLY convinced her to try Chelation.  She was on a limited budget, but probably the one factor that made her decision to give it a go, was her Varicose Veins on her legs.  They had become so large that she was embarrassed to go to a wedding wearing a dress, knowing all could see this bothersome problem.

Fast forward a few months, and only 11 treatments and here are the results.  Her Varicose Veins were barely visible, and she was so proud of the improvement.  But what she didn’t realize was that instead of shuffling her feet to walk because of her old age, she now walked with a spring in her step.  And, the color in her cheeks made her look years younger.

I have witnessed many older ladies coming out of the Doctors’ office looking the same as my mother.  You will find that many celebrities have used this treatment to look and stay younger longer.  Of course, it’s a well-kept secret!

What Are The Benefits of Chelation Therapy?

The first benefit is the removal of excess lead and other toxic heavy metals accumulated in your body.  This can happen from many different ways, but the reasons many have heard about are exposure to old lead paint and being in proximity to certain industrial areas.

I thought I might mention here a bit of information about the effectiveness of Chelation.  Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish with treatments, I must point out that this is NOT a quick fix.  The benefits are accumulative, but you usually won’t start to see results until a few treatments are under your belt.

The other point I’d like to make is not only does each treatment add to the last treatment, but more importantly the effects are lasting.  Think of taking an aspirin. After four hours your headache can come back.  With a series of Chelation Treatments, the benefits will last months or longer, and in fact Doctors have found patients reaching optimal benefits sometimes 3 months down the road.

Why is this?  Simply put, your bodies cells have been helped to function better, thus allowing Mother Nature and our incredible bodies to gradually heal itself.

Many of these benefits were noticed as a by-product of this therapy.

Chelation Therapy May Help:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Angina
  • Arrythmias
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s and Senility
  • Poor Circulation
  • Lupus
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Kidney Stones
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Lowering Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Lower Insulin Requirements for Diabetics
  • Memory Improvement
  • Gout
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Varicose Veins
EDTA Chelation Can Clean Arteries and Improve Blood Flow
Graphic showing a broom cleaning out an artery

Can Chelation Really Save Lives?

From my personal experience the answer is a definite YES.  Would most people have those results?  NO.  I’ll explain.

I’m definitely not announcing to the world that EDTA Chelation cures Cancer, or anything else for that matter.  But I have certainly seen patients that if it wasn’t for finding this treatment would have died much sooner than later.  One example is the gentleman I talk about in the following section titled “Chelation Safely Reversed Kidney Failure And Safed His Life”.  Another is my wife’s personal experience.

My Wife’s Story

A second example is that of my wife.  She battled a rare Bone Marrow Cancer for 25 years.  In 1994 she was given as little as 2 years to live.  It could be more, but so little was known about this terrible disease that guarantees could not be made.

Of course, over the years much more studies and information are available, but still today, it’s a terminal illness.

Looking back to the year 2000, her then Specialist saw her blood tests getting out of hand and prescribed twice the dose of a chemotherapy drug to repress her bone marrow.  Unfortunately, that is a slippery slope, and eventually will do more harm than good, especially long term.

I had already received many treatments before and knew two things.  That EDTA removes heavy metals, which she tested positive for, and EDTA has an extremely high anti-oxidant effect.

I also forgot to say in conjunction with the Bone Marrow Cancer, my wife also had Lupus, something Chelation has been known to help.  So, I thought we need to give this a try as the alternatives were dire.

The Results

It was truly amazing to watch, but shortly after starting treatments many of her blood test started to return to normal, and soon her blood cancer was for lack of better words “in remission”!  This by the way is IMPOSSIBLE in the eyes of ALL the experts with her type of disease.

On top of this she was able to STOP all chemo and still maintain normal blood levels for the next 15 years. A miracle?

Needless to say, her “Specialist” was pleased at himself when we returned for a follow-up visit.  He said, “I see that doubling the dose is really working”.  My wife and I just looked at each other, then she said, “well…I actually have stopped my medication”.  That went over like a lead balloon!

We told him what we did, and I asked if he knew what Chelation was.  His eyes buried in this “impossible” blood test he was reading and replied, “Yes”.  BS…I don’ think so.  And I was right. After that he said he could no longer be her doctor as we were not listening to him.  Arrogant Doctors…

Funny, on the way out he did manage to say, “ah…so what’s in this Chelation?”  LOL.  IDIOT.

Her Results from the Chelation

She stayed in remission for 15 YEARS!  All with NO MEDS, outliving all the people she met along the way with the same disease even those being treated by the best experts in the world.

Did chelation save her life.  For us it extended her life an extra 15 GOOD Years, more than anyone thought possible.

Bottom Line

We all don’t live forever, but if you can do something that improves the quality of life, improves your symptoms, or in this case, greatly extends your life, then I say you owe it to yourself to research the facts, and make up your own mind as to the direction you are taking in regard to your health.

Is Chelation Safe?

The simple answer is YES, as long as your being treated by a Certified Doctor in the use of EDTA IV’s.  In fact, if you read the papers on the chemical makeup of EDTA you will find that by weight, EDTA is 3 Times safer than aspirin.

Also, EDTA Chelation IS FDA APPROVED for the use in patients with high levels of lead in their bodies.

Another point about safety is the fact that MILLIONS of treatments all over the world have been given over the past 50-60 years, with no major side effects.

But when you further investigate this therapy, you will most likely run into staunch opponents, who when looking further all have ties to the “big business” of our medical system.  It’s like investigating Politics.  So much mud-slinging to further each sides agenda.  And…it’s ALL about the MONEY!

I suggest you investigate further, keeping an open mind that some might be “over sensationalizing” the negatives.  I came across many such examples researching this article.

It makes me sick to see some try to point out the dangers that “might” occur.  One common point many make, originated from decades ago.  In the early stages of trying to determine what was a safe dose and how often someone could be treated, a few developed problems with their kidneys.  With modern guidelines this has virtually been eliminated, yet these opponents can’t seem to stop sensationalizing the “old and outdated information” as if it occurs today.

Also keep in mind, that if you have ever read the inside information sheet on ANY Of your medications, you will have noticed so many side effects and real dangers, that is a wonder that anyone takes their meds!

Everything in perspective…

Chelation Safely Reversed Kidney Failure And Saved His Life

I wasn’t sure which section to tell my personal experience in but thought because of the push back in regard to “kidney damage” that this might be the place to tell this story.

One of the things I like to do while passing the time at Chelation, was to find out from others just “how did you find Chelation” as it’s really a “word of mouth” kind of thing.

An older gentleman of perhaps in his 70’s was quietly reading a book and I noticed when the nurse took his blood pressure it was a “young” 120/80.  I thought, “That is pretty good for his age”. And so, I asked the question, “Why are you doing Chelation”?

His story was nothing short of amazing.

Not long ago, suffering from SEVERE atherosclerosis he was given just 2 short months to live.  His body was so riddled with the build-up in his arteries and kidneys, that his Kidney Specialist recommended getting his affairs in order and that he had little time left.

His other symptoms included very high blood pressure, angina so bad he couldn’t walk to the fridge without pain, thumping in his ears while sleeping as the blood tried to get through, and multiple bypass surgeries.  Wow!

His son, not wanting to give up on his father, searched the internet for answers, as no Doctor had hope for his survival.  And there he found Chelation.

Common Additional Ingredients to An EDTA IV Drip
Chart of the common additional ingredients for an EDTA Chelation IV Drip

Does Insurance Cover Chelation?

Sad to say, usually not.  You might get some of the blood test and initial exam before starting a course of Chelation taken care of.  But unless you had for example lead poisoning in which this treatment IS FDA APPROVED and therefore “should” be covered by your insurance, you will have to flip the bill.

Always ask your Doctor exactly what is covered before starting.

How Much Does Chelation Cost?

The cost of Chelation will vary in the US from approximately $150 – $175 per treatment.  Other websites seem to be using older information and report figures of $75 – $125 each.  Australia is between $150 – $295, but you also have to consider the exchange rate.

Of course, I did run across one of the largest websites for health with that that older information and then got irritated as they state you need “SEVERAL” treatments per week, which will total “HUNDREDS” of treatments overall.  BS.  I’ll explain.

You will come across negative information like this, all to make it seem MUCH MORE expensive and therefore, why should you even attempt to turn to this alternative treatment.  The information above that was posted is absolutely wrong and irresponsible.

I feel it’s that if someone wants to try something when other treatments are either not working or they feel a more natural approach is better, how dare you exaggerate negative factors to keep people from finding help they feel comfortable with.

Certified Doctors adhering to the safe protocols that have been established would NEVER administer “several treatments per week”.  That would be totally unsafe.  I’ve heard that in only EXTREME situations that someone might be able to have 2 treatments per week, but that would be only with careful monitoring of the patient.

The second point this website makes, is that you need HUNDREDS of treatments.  That is also misguided.  For someone with cardiovascular disease the average might be more like 35 – 50 treatments.  For less serious health conditions, like my mother’s varicose veins, she only needed 10 to see results.  Everyone is different.

And remember, because Chelation results in an accumulative effect, you can spread out the costs by for example having one treatment every other week, or once per month if you budget allows.  Of course, if your health is needing more immediate attention, then once per week might be the way to go.

One last thing that can vary the cost of infusions is that some doctors price addon vitamins as extra “accessories” to your IV bag.  An example of this would be if you want more Vitamin C added per drip then that Doctor might increase the cost by a small margin.

Tip to Save Money

You might get lucky and find a doctor like I have in the past that helped his patients save a little by purchasing a block of treatments.  In this case it was buy 10 get one free.  If you are one of those needing 30 to 50 treatments, this could add up to a reasonable savings.  Never hurts to ask.

What Are The Side Effects of Chelation Therapy?

What I’ll attempt to do is give you the side effects of “Current Protocols” for Chelation and not mention those old and outdated issues that some throw at you to scare you away. Remember that information sheet in your box of meds?

And also remember that when and if it comes time to seek out a Doctor that uses Chelation in their practice, you will get expert advice as to the pros and cons in this treatment.

That said, here are a few common side effects other than the usual disclaimers the doctors give you for intravenous infusions.

  • Pain at or near the site of infusion. Can usually be fixed by:
    • Applying a heat bag
    • Gently “scratching” ever so lightly around that area. I know…strange but works!
    • Some Doctors will adjust the PH of infusion or add mild pain meds if needed (rare)
    • Note: I have found that after a few treatments the pain stops occurring
    • Many feel absolutely nothing
  • Headache (rare)
    • Note: I get them occasionally but also have high levels of lead
  • Fever (rare)
  • Flu Like Symptoms (rare)
  • Feeling Tired

The symptoms of headache, feeling like the flu and being tired, I feel come from the levels of heavy metals you are pulling out of your body.  For me when tested post chelation, I have very high levels of lead and cadmium showing up and therefore pull a lot out at each treatment.

Because of this I am sure this causes my symptoms, especially when starting a new series of treatments after being away for a while.  They last only overnight and by morning I’m back to normal.

Tip:  Drink PLENTY of water before, during and after chelation to help flush your kidneys.  Also, I’ve experienced that the higher doses of Vitamin C in the drip can greatly reduce feeling tired.  For me it is around 20,000mg of Vitamin C per drip or more.  I’ve actually had as much as 50,000mg of extra Vitamin C per drip.

Back to the warning that EDTA damages the kidneys.

Contrary to the nay-Sayers, new protocols in regard to dose vs. kidney function have eliminated the high risk of kidney damage.  The formula takes into consideration the amount of kidney function then guides the Physician to the proper safe dose of EDTA, as well as the frequency of treatments.

Our Doctor used that protocol for this gentleman and started out with reduced doses until his kidney function started to return from normal.  What’s that…improved kidney function?  Impossible!

Months now have gone by from the time his Kidney Specialist would have pronounced him dead, and here are the results.

  • No More Angina – Walks 2 miles per DAY!
  • No More Pounding In Ears
  • Blood Pressure NORMAL
  • Feels 20 Years Younger
  • Kidney Function Improved

Granted that Chelation is NOT expected to save lives, but in this case, there is no doubt it did just that.

How to Find a Certified Doctor

When I started my treatments back in the 90’s there were probably 4-5 Certified doctors in my state.  You will find many times they are located near or in the bigger cities, so if you are in a rural area, you might have to travel a bit.

The best place to look is with The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).   This is the organization that helps maintain safety, quality, and consistent training of Doctors.

ACAM has a search function for finding a physician that might prove helpful, or you could contact them if you find none in your areas, as the list of Doctors can change.


Conclusion:  I hope that you have learned that under the care of a qualified doctor practicing Chelation Therapy, many health conditions could be dramatically be helped in a safe and effective mannor.

You should take away from this article:

  • That Chelation is safe when administered correctly by a Certified Doctor
  • Can help numerous health conditions including heart, and auto-immune diseases
  • Can have a long-lasting effect
  • Has been used successfully for decades

There is much more detailed information about the subject that I will address in a follow-up article.

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