Alternative Therapy


You Need to Learn About This Incredible Therapy

EDTA Chelation Therapy which has been around for decades could potentially be a life saving treatment for some people with extremely serious health conditions.  For many others, Chelation can greatly improve symptoms related to your heart, arteries, and immune system.


I greatly support the use of Chelation Therapy having had more than 65 treatments myself over the years.  You might have read in a previous article that  I really want to help others find a more natural approach to good health, and speed up the process of finding good information.

You will also hear of success stories that come from my family, friends, and fellow patients that I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss their journey trying to improve their health.

I will make my case that this is a safe therapy (when used by a Certified Doctor in Chelation) which has been proved by well over a million treatments worldwide, with good results.

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