The Quest For Beauty

You are certainly not the first woman to look for tips to look great.  Besides researching lotions and potions, here we are mainly looking to find out what are the best vitamins for hair, skin and nail health.  You will see from some studies below, just how much women spend on good looks.

We can’t deny that most women are dedicated to keeping themselves looking youthful and always at their best.  That doesn’t mean we don’t on occasion put on an old pair of jeans, that slightly worn out top that is so soft and comfortable, then hurry to the 7-Eleven even without any makeup.  Well, maybe not everyone!  But you get my point.

As long as we are realistic in our goals, through proper nutrition, supplementation, and a bit of common sense, we can look younger and feel better about ourselves BOB REYNOLDS

Look at the actual figures of just how much women spend on their appearance.  Those numbers are staggering!  Here are a couple of studies on the cost of looking good.

Both Groupon and SkinStore along with some other companies have conducted their own studies and found astonishing numbers when it comes to women’s vanity. Look at these figures.


Studies Estimating Women’s Spending On Their Appearance

  •  $8 per Day on average ($2,920 / yr.)
  • $3,600 – Australian Women Per Year
  • $225,360 – US Women per Lifetime on Average
  • $300,000 – New York Women Spend per Lifetime

As they say, “its hard to put a price on beauty.”  Of course, some of this money is spend on beneficial products, and other money is spent on promises.

For better results, it might be wise to look at what you put into your body as that will provide a better, more long-lasting benefit.

A Woman Will Spend Over $225,000 Per LIfetime On Beauty Products!
Woman putting on night cream before going to bed

You will learn in this article:

  • The Best Vitamins To Help Look Your Best
  • Tips For Maintaining Beautiful Hair, Skin And Nails
  • Foods That Support Good Health

Your Roadmap to Better Hair, Skin and Nails

The best and quickest way to approach improvements of most any kind, is to figure out the single most important action you can take to see the most results. You can expand that to say the top two or three most influential actions.  In this way you are solving a huge part of your problem, which later you and follow up and address less significant problems.

Unfortunately, most of us want instant results.  When we are inundated with literally thousands of products promising what is essentially ‘The Fountain of Youth”, it’s no wonder we quickly grab our wallets to try that next new miracle formula.

I’d suggest stepping back a moment and take a more in-depth look at the situation.

What Does Hair, Skin and Nails All Have In Common?

The short answer is Keratin and Collagen.  Keratin is the main structural tissue that makes up hair and nails and is also found in the outer layer of our skin.  Collagen, if you exclude water, makes up approximately 70 to 80 percent of our skin.

If we want to improve our hair, nail and skin then it seems that the best way to have the most impact is to concentrate on what we can do to produce more Keratin and Collagen.

Do Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins Work?

Whenever I’m asked this type of question as to if vitamins really work for anything, I almost always point out that yes in fact they can be very helpful, but ONLY in therapeutic doses. Be cautious of formulas that say, “it will make your fingernails strong and less brittle”, or “give your skin a youthful appearance”, or even “you will grow hair where you didn’t have hair before”.  Some might contain enough of the important nutrients to see results, yet others have so little of the ingredients, they are actually just a waste of money.

You need to be knowledgeable of EXACTLY what is in this “special formula”.  Do your homework into the key ingredients and more importantly just how much of the most effective ingredients they are providing.

When you are comparing products, most likely you will see these formulas contain the “buzzword” ingredients that technically do help, but are they providing enough of that ingredient to do much good.  Too many times they add very small amounts of these important ingredients, charge way too much for what they are offering, and then people wonder why they don’t get results.

Buyer Beware.  The bottom line is to choose a formula that has the best ingredients that serve your purpose and provides those vitamins and nutrients in large enough proportions to get real results.  It might require a lot of investigating, but in the end, you will be much happier with your choices, and your pocketbook will love you.

Make Your Goals Realistic And Don't Compare Yourself To Photoshop
Closeup image of beautiful woman with flawless skin and makeup

Your Skin’s Health

It might be hard to pick which one of these three parts of our bodies are more important in regard to looking our best.  But when you look at the function of our skin, what keeps it looking healthy, and more importantly what makes it look old, then we have a better understanding on our approach to improvements.

Skin is our largest organ.  We sometimes take for granted all the wonderful functions our skin has to offer.  We might think it is just an outer covering like a blanket over a bed, but it is much more than that.

Our Skin Gives Us:

  • Protection From The Sun
  • Makes Us Waterproof
  • Helps Manufacture Vitamin D For Immune and Bone Health
  • Provides Our Brains Sensations Of The Surrounding World

And of course, great skin makes us look good!  But that also depends on your genes, your environment, your diet and exercise, and your good or bad habits.

What Is Bad For Your Skin?

Most of us will already know that excess exposure to the sun, especially in areas with a high UV index like Australia, will not only age our skin prematurely, but potential cause enough damage to progress into skin cancer.  But there are more factors that by themselves are bad but could also make sun exposure even worse.

Things That Contribute More Damage To Our Skin

  • Excess Sun Exposure
  • Chemical Exposure Both Inside And Out
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Lack Of Sleep
  • Poor Diet
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Fungal And Viral Infections
  • Autoimmune Diseases

Stress Is Not Your Friend

Probably one of the hardest things to avoid is stress in our lives.  Stress comes in two forms, both physical and mental.  Regardless of the reason, stress can dramatically change our bodies for the worse.

When we are under any type of stress our bodies produce Cortisol.  Cortisol causes degradation of Collagen, which in turn accelerates the aging process of our skin.

Then add the stress of sun exposure and certain medications  and we come up with an undesirable formula for poor skin health.

What Supplements Can Help With Skin Damage?

When we look at damage to the skin or other parts of our bodies, other than removing the source of the damage, you should look at what protects you from further damage.

Your primary weapon of choice will be antioxidants.  There are many different types of antioxidants and can serve multiple purposes.  Some work synergistically with each other and some target certain areas of damage better than others.

Vitamin C To the Rescue

This should be everyone’s “go to” antioxidant.  I personally don’t go without it and take in what many people would call mega-doses.  By the way, even though I worked outside and with my hands for many years, I embarrassingly get compliments about the softness of my hands and skin.  Good genes are probably one factor, but decades of Vitamin C have definitely helped.

Mountains of research with Vitamin C has been accomplished by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling who is often referred to as the “Father of Molecular Biology” and also the “Father of Vitamin C”.  Vitamin C plays a role in collagen synthesis, protects from UV light exposure, plus protects our skin from smoking and other chemical damage.

What Else Does Vitamin C Do?

Certainly, a whole article would be needed to list all the benefits of Vitamin C, but here are a few important reasons to make sure you get enough of this powerful antioxidant.

  • Improves Dry Skin
  • Important For Collagen Production
  • Protects From Environmental Pollutants
  • Helps Prevent Wrinkles From Smoking
  • Helps Reduces Acne
  • Helps Repair Damaged Skin

Vitamin C not only can be used internally but externally as well in the form of topical serums.  Along with Vitamin C, greater results will be obtained if also used in combination with Vitamin E and Zinc.

Other Vitamins For Younger Looking Skin

  • Vitamin C (as previously mentioned)
  • Vitamin E
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • UV Protection
    • Topical Use Also Has Benefits
    • Wound Healing
    • Helps Protect From Wrinkling
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    • Hydrates The Skin
    • Reduces Aging Process
    • Helps Prevent Acne
  • Zinc
    • Helps Heal Skin
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Helps Prevent Acne
    • Assists In Collagen Synthesis
    • Helps Repair DNA
  • Vitamin A
    • Protects Against UV Damage
    • Promotes Skin Cell Production
    • Stimulates Collagen
    • Essential Fatty Acids
    • Dry Skin
    • Associated With Keratin
    • Helps Protect From Sun Exposure
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Associated With Youthful Skin
    • Wound Healing
  • Vitamin D
    • UV Protection
    • Wound Healing
    • Important For Our Immune Systems
  • Solubilized Keratin
    • Increased Healthy Skin Cell Production
    • Reduction of Fine Lines
    • Reduces Water Loss
  • Flavonoids
    • Protects From Sun Damage
    • Helps Repair DNA
    • Reduces Oxidative Damage
    • Anti-inflammatory
  • Silica
    • Promotes Good Skin

Topical Skin Solutions

  • Peptides
    • Protects From Sun Damage
  • Retinoids and Retinol Creams for Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Moisturizers
  • Sun Block
Good Genes and Good Health Create Beautiful Nails
Closeup of a young woman with her hand on her face showing off beautiful fingernails and makeup

Maintaining Strong and Great Looking Nails

Some people just seem lucky when it comes to great looking nails while others spend hours striving for perfection.  One of those people is my wife, who even with failing health, somehow has the most beautiful and perfect nails.

Of course, everyone’s idea of what fabulous looking fingernails should look like can be somewhat different.  Some like their nails long, some medium, and even others like shorter more manageable nails.   Then of course we have the shape… pointed, rounded, or square.  And then add an almost endless selection of colors and we now know, not one size fits all.

Regardless of shape, length, or color, the most important factor when it comes to great fingernails that all can agree on, is that they are strong, shiny, and not brittle.

So, what can you do to have fingernails that wow everyone?

The Best Vitamins For Your Fingernails

  • Solubilized Keratin
    • Less Tendency To Break
    • Increased Hardness
    • Smoother Nails
    • Make Nails Look Healthier
  • Biotin
    • Improves Strength of Nails
    • Can Facilitate Faster Growth
  • Iron
    • Improves Hydration
    • Strengthens Fingernails
  • Zinc
    • Helps Nails Grow
  • Vitamin C
    • Promotes Nail Growth
    • Strengthens Skin / Cuticles
  • Silica
    • Promotes Healthy Nails

How To Improve Your Hair

Who doesn’t like great hair?  We can all appreciate someone that has long and shiny hair that glistens in the sun.  Or do you prefer a short sassy haircut that defines your personality?  In any case, our hair is so visible it’s no wonder we spend so much time and money achieving “that look”.

Just like our skin and nails, hair can also give us clues to our general health.  If you think there could be a possibility of a hidden illness, go have a good talk with your Doctor.

Hopefully, your bad hair is just a bit of poor diet or lack of care which will be much easier to fix.

Learn Hair Care From Your Dog

When I’m trying to teach someone something, I find it best to tell a story that is easy to remember, to help reinforce what I am saying.  So here is my hair story.

I’m a dog lover for sure, and my favorite type of dog is the German Shorthaired Pointer.  Years ago, I purchased one from an award-winning breeder.  I had noticed the dogs that she showed and trained had the shiniest coats I have ever seen.  When I asked, “how do I get my dog to look like that”, she smiled and said, “Vitamin E”.

What she did was supplement her dogs with extra Vitamin E along with a really good diet and the results were fantastic.  So, I used that same formula for my dog and just like my breeder, I had great results.

My dog had a gorgeous deep chocolate brown body, with a touch of white spots on her head.  When COMPLETELY dried off after a bath and then let out in the sun for a run, you would swear she was still wet!

You will also notice if you have a dry scalp, adding Vitamin E can make a noticeable difference in a rather short time.  Your dog too!

Vitamins You Should Try For Better Hair

  • Biotin
    • Reduces Hair Loss
    • Promotes Hair Growth
  • B Vitamins
    • Anti-Stress
    • Maintains Healthy Blood
  • Solubilized Keratin
    • Improves Hair Strength
    • Increases Hair Follicles
    • Improves Appearance
    • Reduces Hair Loss
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    • Promotes Hair Growth
    • Prevents Dry Flaky Scalp
  • Silica
    • Prevents Thinning Hair
    • Helps Supply Hair With Nutrients
    • Promotes Mineral Balance
  • Vitamin C
    • Protects Against Oxidative Stress
    • Increases Collagen
    • Helps Absorb Iron For Hair Growth
  • Vitamin D
    • Strengthens Immune System
    • Helps Create New Hair Follicles
    • Low Levels Linked to Hair Loss
Nothing Is More Frustrating Than A Bad Hair Day!
Young blond woman looking worried that her hair is damaged

Food For Thought – Foods Good For Hair, Skin and Nails


Protein is very important in the manufacture of our cells and many people do get enough of this nutrient.  In case you are not eating well, I would try eating more red meat.  Red meat is needed for the extra iron that some are deficient in and could be the cause of thinning hair.

If you are on the go, a protein drink with Whey Isolate Protein will be a quick and easy solution to top off your requirements for the day.


Eggs are also a great source of easy to digest protein, but also contain Biotin which is one of the vitamins needed for both hair and nails.


High in Omega 3 Fatty acids that will help reduce inflammation and help moisturize your skin and scalp.


Oysters are one of my favorite foods and gives you lots of Zinc that is important for your immune system and help with making proteins.

Milk with Vitamin D

Another good source of protein and Vitamin D to help your immune system, helps hair growth, and is also important for healthy skin.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a great source of Selenium, a much needed antioxidant that many people just don’t get enough of.  You only need 7 – 10 nuts per day to help combat oxidative stress throughout your body.

More Tips For Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

You can see that there are many vitamins that can promote great looking skin, but always examine other factors that might make your quest to look younger, harder than it should be.

Smoking Will Cause Severe Damage

Do you smoke?  STOP it!  I know, it’s hard but it is probably the single most damage we inflict on ourselves that really has a lousy and lasting effect.  I’m sure you have seen young girls that smoke and already have those tell-tale lines around their lips.  What do you think they will look like in 10 years or longer?

When you smoke your body uses up Vitamin C and even supplementing with extra C still is not enough.  You really need to quit before it’s too late and do irreversible damage.

Water Is Everyone’s Friend

This is another common “treatment” for not only our skin, but for our entire bodies.  We tend to get too many liquids in the form of sugars and additives by drinking way too many soft drinks and fake juices.

Try to get pure filtered water throughout the day and plenty of it.  I’m sure I’m not alone in stating that a glass of water just doesn’t do anything for me and would prefer something else.  That is until I started drinking soda water.  It really quenches my thirst and for me, simulates drinking soft drinks even without any flavouring.

To save money since we drink tons of soda water, we bought a Soda Stream dispenser and have never looked back.  It does save money and I don’t have to lug heavy cases of soda water back from the store.

Exercise and Plenty of Water Give Added Benefits for Good Health
Young woman having some water after running

Exercise Is Good For Your Body

You probably have skipped this step in your personal care program in regard to hair, skin and nail health.  Not only is exercising good for the obvious reasons, but the increase in circulation and immune function also benefits every part of your body as well.

Exercise has the added benefit to make you feel good all over.  This will help promote a more youthful attitude, which then gives added benefit to the cosmetic improvements you are currently making.

You Need To Avoid Heavy Drinking

I’m not talking about a couple glasses of wine or those Christmas Parties that we sometimes try to forget!  I’m talking about drinking to excess every single day.  Our bodies are pretty remarkable in repairing damage, but this assault on a daily basis will eventually take its toll.

Heavy drinking will dehydrate you and use up essential vitamins and nutrients that would otherwise be used where needed most.

Bottom line…try to regulate your intake of alcohol for better overall health.

Avoid Unnecessary Chemical Exposure

Whether you like it or not, chemicals are here to stay.  They do have valuable benefits but can raise havoc to our bodies.

Unfortunately, many of us have careers that are surrounded by chemicals.  Hair dressers, nail technicians, mechanics, factory workers, and even moms at home using chemical cleaners are all at risk of excess exposure.

You need to do the best you can to avoid direct contact from these chemicals.  The obvious is wearing protection such as rubber gloves, gowns, or face protection gear.  Don’t get complacent.  Try to protect yourself every single time you are around these harsh chemicals.

EDTA Chelation Therapy

I’ve previously written an article about the benefits of this Alternative Treatment.  By removing dangerous heavy metals from our bodies as well as the huge antioxidant effect EDTA provides, many people notice that in time they develop a more youthful and glowing skin.

I don’t expect everyone to run out and try Chelation just for cosmetic reasons.  But for  some, this might be a great solution to good overall health.

Underlying Serious Health Condition Warning

Much of the time when our hair, skin or nails are not in the best shape we can find simple solutions that will help fix the problem. But there might be more going on.

Serious Health issues can show up for example by certain characteristics.

Things to look for might be:

  • Anemia – Pale or White Nails / Thinning Hair
  • Liver Disease – White Nails / Yellow Skin
  • Lupus – Irregular Red Lines / Sores and Rashes
  • Heart Disease – Red Nail Beds

Hopefully it is not something serious but only a vitamin deficiency due to poor diet.  Take a look at my article about some of the more common Vitamin Deficiencies many people have, to rule out those possibilities.


Conclusion: Do your homework to avoid spending money on useless products that promise a “Fountain of Youth” but deliver little while draining your bank account.
Don’t overwhelm yourself in trying to do everything all at once. Pick and choose which vitamins and treatments will do the most good within your budget. Drinking enough Water, getting some Exercise, and adding Vitamin C might be your first step to looking your best.
Sorry to break the news, but in the end, we are all getting older. If you are young, taking consistent steps now will pay off as you do get older. For those of us that are older, you can definitely make noticeable improvements to help keep looking great for years to come.

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