A Comprehensive Look at the Vitamins You Really Need.

When I wrote this article I had to decide exactly which direction to go in regards to the degree of importance of each nutrient and who this article would benefit the most.  No easy task.

I could have chosen to focus on older adults, teenagers, bodybuilders and athletes or tried to pick out a particular health condition and base my thoughts on that.

In the end, I chose to focus on the 10 most common nutrients that the most people are just not getting enough of, regardless of the reason. With this in mind, I felt this could help more people with just a single post. With one exception.

Because Potassium is so important for so many health functions including the heart, and because many know so little of it’s benefits, I decided to devote an entire article about how most people are just not getting enough of this essential mineral.

The Quest For Beauty

You are certainly not the first woman to look for tips to look great.  Besides researching lotions and potions, here we are mainly looking to find out what are the best vitamins for hair, skin and nail health.  You will see from some studies below, just how much women spend on good looks.

We can’t deny that most women are dedicated to keeping themselves looking youthful and always at their best.  That doesn’t mean we don’t on occasion put on an old pair of jeans, that slightly worn out top that is so soft and comfortable, then hurry to the 7-Eleven even without any makeup.  Well, maybe not everyone!  But you get my point.

Essential Supplements to Improve Your Heart’s Health

 When you take the important supplements to help your heart, it can make all the difference in the world. Of course, there is probably a 99% chance that you don’t have the information of what and how much to take from your cardiologist. Why is that?

What I’ve found is that the higher up the food chain a doctor is…meaning the more “specialized” they are, the more resistant to vitamins and supplements. For them to even consider that a vitamin could actually benefit their heart patients would negate all those expensive years in med school learning the “real truth”.

But thankfully there are a few good doctors out there that know from the extra time they have spent educating themselves that there are additional therapies that REALLY work.

I’ve mentioned in another article that I had found many emergency wards and cardiovascular centers are now using Magnesium for arrhythmias and heart attacks, which is why that nutrient is covered a little later in this article.

We All Need Potassium Daily But Most Don’t Get Enough

This is one of those nutrients that most people know little about and is one of the top essential nutrients that many are deficient. I was one of those that didn’t think of Potassium as a priority, because it’s not one of those vitamins that make the headlines.

That is until I started researching how I could help my atrial fibrillation. Well to say that the information was eye opening for me was an understatement. I’ve heard for years Doctors saying “don’t take too much potassium”. Let alone prescribing only 99mg for heart patients. I thought if a heart patient only needed that little per day, I much surely be getting enough. Right?

Don’t count on it! As you will see after reading just the RDA guidelines how practically NONE OF US get enough. How could this be?

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I find most people have a hard time sifting through the huge amounts of information about health and become frustrated as to “who to believe” and “what to believe”. Depending on the particular health issue, it can end up being a full time job sorting through the data. And then there is the learning curve to take medical terms and translate them in a way that most people can understand.

Unfortunately, because of my wife’s serious health issues for 25 years, plus my own problems had forced us to take on this full time job of researching across the globe for promising answers.

You obviously have found this site looking for help for yourself, a loved one or friend. My guess is that if you have been researching for long, you have become frustrated with conflicting ideas of how to approach your illness. And then there is the medical system that we get caught up in, adding to the frustration.

Does This Sound Familiar?

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